ATM Lesson to Listen to

Here’s an Awareness Through Movement lesson for you to listen to and try it out at home (lesson in German). Lay down on a mat or a thick blanket and follow the verbal instructions.

Remember to take a break whenever you need or want to. Feldenkrais is not about “bigger, better and more”, but about learning at your own pace – breaks included.


The following lesson explores the connection between pelvis, head, jaw and eyes. It’s all small movements – but with big effects. Enjoy!


Here’s another lesson for you (also in German; as soon as there are English recordings availale, I’ll update this page). This lesson is the first of a series of three; the other two lessons are available on my SoundCloud page.


If you like listening to the lessons online, consider signing up for my online course. Again, the course is currently available in German only. There will be a course in English, too. Let me know that you’re interested – contact me. Thanks!


Flyer Online-Lektionen Feldenkrais


For more information about the principles behind these lessons, see Feldenkrais – About the Method and Awareness Through Movement.