My prices for Feldenkrais sessions and lessons are as follows:

Group lessons

Courses in Awareness Through Movement

Unless noted otherwise, the fees are:

  • 1 ATM class per week: 45 Euro/ month*
  • Trial class**: 10 Euro

* Monthly fee with membership contract
** Please call ahead to make sure there’s a place available

In case you’re unable to attend a lesson once, you’re welcome to make up for the missed lesson and join a different course at Studio SHA, within the month you missed your lesson, and given there are free places available. Please see Weekly Courses for more information on current dates, or go directly to registration.

Single sessions

Individual one-on-one sessions in Functional Integration

  • Single session: 70 Euro
  • 5-session-card*: 325 Euro
  • 10-session-card*: 630 Euro

* 5-session-cards are valid for 6 months; 10-session-cards for 12 months.

I also offer Functional Integration membership contracts, covering a specified amount of one-on-one sessions per month at a reduced price. You may also combine memberships and add Awareness Through Movement classes to your monthly FIs. Please contact me for further information.