Functional Integration

A “Functional Integration”, or “FI”, is a one-on-one session. The treatment is usually given to the client lying on a special Feldenkrais table, though the client might also be sitting or standing.

In the session you’ll be touched and gently moved by me. Through this it’s possible to discover what your habitual movement patterns are and whether they help or hinder you. In an FI-session often old blockages are dissolved. You discover new ways of moving.

“Lessons”, not “Treatments”

In Feldenkrais we often speak of “lessons” rather than of “treatments”. You learn new possibilities to move and function which are easier and more enjoyable. Your body is a fast learner. You will soon notice that your coordination and flexibility have increased; you move more efficiently. Pain and movement limitations tend to decrease. Similar to the Awareness Through Movement lessons, Functional Integration sessions not only improve your physical but also your mental and emotional well-being.

Feldenkrais-Liege im Studio SHA.


The writer Joey Juschka wrote a short article about the effects of a functional integration, after a session with me. It was published in the newspaper “taz”, April 15, 2014 (in German only): Testimonial

Continuous Process

Since Feldenkrais is a continuous process of re-education, I recommend that you book a series of sessions. To give you an additional incentive to do so, I offer packages of five and ten sessions of Functional Integration. If you want to do Feldenkrais on a regular basis, I also offer the possibility to sign up for a specified amount of sessions per month – if you wish, in combination with the possibility to attend Awareness through Movement courses at Studio SHA.

Appointments & Prices

Please go to Prices to learn more about the fees for courses and one-on-one sessions. To schedule an one-on-one appointment in Functional Integration, please go to Individual Appointments to learn more, or give me a call under 0160 994 865 71.


All appointments take place in my private practice, Studio SHA.

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